Gaetano has been in the Health and Fitness industry for over 12 years now and has been able to be a part of many successful lifestyle changes.  Through both a Personal Training Certification Course and a Bachelors of Kinesiology and Health Sciences Degree, Gaetano has learned many methods to helping his clients and friends achieve what most would think is too difficult to reach.

With over 30 years of Martial Arts experience, Gaetano understands what discipline and hard work is, and is passionate about showing his clientele how to be strong and keep motivated.

Pilates Certified - Spin Pilates
Gaetano Aldo Aramini is the founder of Abbotsford Personal Training and is considered to be one of the leading teachers in Canada. His involvement in Martial Arts from a young age has given him a natural ability to work with the body through movement. He received his certification in Spin Pilates just over 8 years ago and has taught one on one Pilates since.  Recently he has decided to 

take his teachings to the group class format to help many achieve a strong pelvic floor and a great

postural alignment.

Yoga Certified - Yoga Allaince RYT 200 & 500
Gaetano Aldo Aramini is the founder of Abbotsford Personal Training and is well versed in teaching, coaching and instructing one on one Yoga.  Recently after much demand, Gaetano has decided to expand into class form for Hatha Yoga.  Hatha Yoga is a gentle basic form of Yoga and can be for beginners to advanced yogis.

Fitness Kickboxing Certified - Fitness Kickboxing Canada
Gaetano Aldo Aramini is the founder of Abbotsford Personal Training and has over 30 years of Martial Arts Experience.  5 different Martial Arts Black Belts.  4 x 1st Degree Black Belts, 1 x 3rd Degree Black Belt.  4 MMA Full Contact Matches, and Competed All over Canada and the USA in various Martial Art Competitions.  Gaetano has taught kickboxing classes for over 10 years and has helped many clients reach their goals through Kickboxing Classes.


If you want to know more about training with Gaetano, feel free to call and discuss your goals and we will work together on finding out how to best achieve those goals.


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